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6 06, 2024

June 2024


Letter from Revd Helen Burnett. Parish Pilgrimage – a small glimpse of a big experience 4 days in a new landscape, walking with God, learning together. Our pilgrimage this [.. Read more ..]

June 20242024-06-06T11:13:51+01:00
6 06, 2024

May 2024


Letter from Revd Helen Burnett. Some of you may remember that prior to the pandemic we had tour of a number of churches similar to our own with a view [.. Read more ..]

May 20242024-06-06T11:03:21+01:00
6 06, 2024

April 2024


Letter from Revd Helen Burnett. Hours before the death of Jesus, Judas ate too. Jesus fed Judas too. Jesus prayed for Judas too. Jesus washed Judas’ fee t too. [.. Read more ..]

April 20242024-06-06T10:51:32+01:00
1 03, 2024

March 2024


Letter from Revd Helen Burnett. You may have spotted the Church of England ‘Watch and Pray’ booklets in church, if you have picked one up I hope you have found [.. Read more ..]

March 20242024-03-05T11:53:29+00:00
1 02, 2024

February 2024


Lent comes early this year, we have barely drawn breath from Epiphany and Candlemas before we find ourselves turning towards the cross and resurrection. There are many ways in which you [.. Read more ..]

February 20242024-03-03T13:08:58+00:00
2 10, 2023

October 2023


Letter from Revd Helen Burnett. “For every thing that lives is Holy.” William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell As we turned from September to October, and the [.. Read more ..]

October 20232024-03-03T13:35:07+00:00
3 06, 2023

June 2023


Letter from Revd Helen Burnett. Slowing Down. The rhythm of walking has given me food for thought over the past few weeks and left me wondering what Jesus ministry, or [.. Read more ..]

June 20232024-03-03T13:37:30+00:00
3 05, 2023

May 2023


Letter from Revd Helen Burnett. The month of May at St Peter and St Paul’s has come to be associated with walking, this habit of a Parish Pilgrimage began as [.. Read more ..]

May 20232024-03-03T13:38:12+00:00