Welcome to the Children’s Ministry at St Peter and St Paul’s Church.


‘Butterflies’ is a group for children aged up to 6 years and meets when there is an indoor eucharist.

There are prayers, bible reading, singing and the craft activities which usually follow the themes of the church year.

The children and leaders join the congregation at the end of the service so the children can show and tell. Butterflies is usually held on first and fifth Sunday of the month.

Childrens Outdoor Activities

Mossy Church

Mossy Church happens on the fourth Sunday of the month and is aimed at children of all ages. Parents are welcome to stay or to join in with the service of Matins inside the church.

As the name implies involves being outside in God’s creation exploring our faith through the natural world. We meet in the church yard and in the winter we gather for prayer around a fire pit. Sometimes we take a short walk to see what is growing in neighbouring fields.

Mossy Church

Lent: Introduction to LENT for children and families – YouTube

Ash Wednesday: Ash Wednesday – Youtube

Candlemas Activity: Candlemas – YouTube

Trinity Activity: Trinity Collective Worship – YouTube

Pentecost Activity: Pentecost – YouTube Happy Birthday Church People

Ascension Day Activity for Children: Ascension Day for Children – YouTube

Below are 3 childrens activities on YouTube you may wish to watch and carry out with your children. The first video is in two parts:

1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar part 1 – YouTube
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Part 2 – YouTube
2. How Love can Change Us – YouTube
3.Fizzy Forgiveness – YouTube

Owl Babies

This helps introduce children to the idea of an end of day prayer time in which they can name out loud or to themselves the best and the worst moments of the day, offer them to God and give thanks before going to sleep.

There are simple hands on activities and some quiet time. Owl Babies and Night Prayer – YouTube

Owl Babies Book

We welcome children of all ages with a variety of activities.