Burial monuments

The oldest of the burial monuments are in the central aisle. These are ornately carved on large rectangular slate slabs. From the west end they are:-

William Lambert died on 3rd March 1656 aged 77 years. He was the husband of Patience Lambert whose name appears on the pulpit.
Thomas Roane, died 28th July 1689, aged 39
Mrs Elizabeth Roane, died 10th August 1707 aged 30.

Buried in the chancel, are two former rectors of Chaldon :-

Rev’d Thomas Broade, died 20th October 1738
Rev’d George Pigott, died 9th February 1760
Rev’d George Pigott, Vicar, (and son of George Pigott, above) died January 3rd 1780
Mrs Pigott, the rector’s wife, died December 1800

On the west wall there are plaques to:-

Henry Ernest Wetherall who was for 21 years chaplain of St. Paul’s Valparaiso, Chili (10th August 1905), In brass, placed by his wife who was a parishioner.

Sarah Beresford of Charleston, South Carolina, who died on 25th January 1796. (marble).
William Gardiner of Rockshaw who died on 6th April 1901 (bronze). William George Hannah, Secretary to the Queen’s Bounty, died 1945 (stone).

Lt. Col William Edward Shaw, who served in the Indian Mutiny. He was a churchwarden here and died on 19th December 1900. (brass).

On the north side of the chancel there are plaques to:-

Thomas Tomlins (21st Oct 1815) and Elizabeth Tomlins (July 1818), who lie beneath a stone covered tomb with almost illegible inscriptions, nrext to the tombs of the two rectors mentioned earlier.

Capt. Austin Belcher (10th August 1915) and Lt. Humphrey Belcher (7th August 1915) They were sons of the rector, who both died in the Battle of the Dardanelles.

On the south side of the chancel :-

A small brass plaque to Arthur, Sarah and Emma Legrew who refitted the chancel in 1881.

Alfred Henry Stanway, rector from 1919-1931, who died on 7th May 1936 (stone)

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