St Peter & St Paul's Newsletter - March 2023 – Here I Am! Send Me!

Letter from Revd Helen Burnett.

Here I Am! Send Me! These words are a reminder of the much loved hymn:

I the lord of sea and sky
I have heard my people cry
All who dwell in dark and sin
My hand will save….

The words are lovely to sing and perhaps make it a little too easy to hang around waiting to be sent or to receive ‘the call’ but the thing about Lent is that we are invited to step up and join in, to say ‘Here I am Lord’.

Most people know all about ‘Pancake Day’ and the shops remind us what to buy but sadly the traditions of Ash Wednesday pass by without a murmur.

Just as in Advent we have work to do as we move towards the nativity, so too in Lent there is work to do, as we move towards Easter, or as The Very Rev Andrew Nunn puts it we were Bethlehem Bound but now we are Bound for Jerusalem as we turn from the crib to the cross.
What does this look like in our lives in Chaldon in 2023?

I am not one for a lot of self-flagellation, I’m more interested in lifting people up BUT an acknowledgement of our failings both personal and corporate is vital if we are to move forward and flourish in ways that are good for the world and good for us.

As humans we are frail and faulty but we also have the amazing capacity to say ‘Yes’ to God. In the words of hymn above which is based on the call of Isaiah we are invited to turn to the eternal God who transcends our own dusty mortal lives marked in ash on our foreheads on Ash Wednesday.

If you missed the ashing, then don’t miss Lent – an opportunity to spring clean your spiritual life and to consider how that might lead to change in your outer life.

There is much on offer throughout the next 40 Days to help you towards the turning that Christ calls us to – what will that turning look like for you ?

You too can step up and join in as we explore ways in which change in our spiritual lives will demand change in our daily living this Lent and beyond…

Quiet Days/Bible Study/Christian Meditation/Lent Challenge/Regular Worship – all are detailed here in this newsletter.