St Peter & St Paul's Newsletter - May 2024

Letter from Revd Helen Burnett.

Some of you may remember that prior to the pandemic we had tour of a number of churches similar to our own with a view to how we might improve and adapt our beautiful pre-Norman church. This led to a number of proposals that had to be put on ice until after lockdown. We are now back up and running and the project has been taken off ice and set into motion as follows:

This work will need to be agreed by the Diocese and will not begin until 2025.

We hope to raise the majority of funds from grant applications and we have two members of the PCC working hard on this plus sub committees for the project management and for the PR/Fund raising.

As you can see this is a massive extra load for the parish officers but we believe that now is the time to secure our beautiful church building for future generations. In due course we will be sharing more information with you as to how you can help.

If you have skills relevant to any part of the project or wish to make a financial contribution please contact either Alison Pannett: Treasurer  or Revd Helen.

Although this is all very daunting it is also exciting to think that we might be the generation that leaves the church building in a better state than it has been in for centuries, and improved in a way that means it can continue to be an inspiration and solace to those who enter for worship or for quiet prayer, for visitors and a resource also for the wider community.