Worship is central to the life of our community and brings us together to give thanks to God, consider our place in the world, ask forgiveness where we have fallen short, listen to and explore scripture, give thanks for our blessings and lay down our burdens.

At St Peter and St Paul we do this in a variety of ways…..including outside in the open, so please check before you come whether we are inside or outside!

Our outdoor worship has evolved out of necessity during the Covid pandemic into a positive choice by the congregation to use our beautiful churchyard twice a month for our main 10.30 am Sunday service. On these ‘pop up’ Sundays we dress for the weather, bring our own chairs or rugs and worship out in the open air, which gives us a special connection with God’s glorious creation.

At the heart of our worship life lies the Eucharist (also known as Holy Communion, Mass, Last Supper) where we remember Jesus’ command to break bread and share wine in remembrance of his life, death and resurrection.

In addition, we have ‘Services of the Word’ where there is no Holy Communion and the language is more informal.

Choral Matins happens once a month and is supported by our small choir. This is an ancient service of Morning Prayer with Psalms and Canticles and is taken from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. This monthly Sunday morning service is usually led by our Lay Minister, Leslie Shannon.

Church of England Common Worship materials lie at the core of our liturgy (the pattern of words that we use) but we also draw upon materials from the Celtic Traditions, the Taize Community and the Iona Community among others.

We strive to be welcoming in our worship, if you join us and feel unsure as to what to do, please just ask and we will guide you.
When you arrive, you will be given a service sheet and you can sit anywhere you like!