St Peter & St Paul's Newsletter - April 2024

Letter from Revd Helen Burnett.

This will land in your inbox on April 1st which is Easter Bank Holiday Monday, marking for some a day of rest and for us all the beginning season of Eastertide. A season when we celebrate the resurrection and when we are called to discern what the risen life might look like in our place and in our times.

In an age when so much is binary, so many are demonised and so much seems insoluble, the message to turn the other cheek, to love your enemy, to reject the secular norms of power and wealth, the reminder that Jesus washed the feet of his betrayer, broke bread with his betrayer is perhaps more challenging than ever.

How can we love those who seem to be at odds with our own values?

The more we immerse ourselves in the pattern of Jesus and hear the stories of the Acts of the Apostles we may
find ourselves at odds with the world. We may find ourselves challenging the rhetoric of so much that we read
and hear around us……

Am I ready for this challenge?

Are you ready for this challenge?

Are we as a church ready for this challenge?

I’m not sure I am ready but what gives me strength is knowing that I am not alone, that others have faced the same challenge, that others carry on in hope, that there is love and care visible in so many lives, that our
church is thriving, that we can gather for worship, that the risen life is life-giving not life-denying, that even Judas was loved by God.

In the picture there is a small devil figure urging Judas on, what was his
motivation, what led him to this place of betrayal and what tempts and
urges us to go against the ways of love?

If you have time I urge you to listen to these powerful stories of restorative justice, they provide much food for thought: BBC iPlayer